• 身高: 5'8" / 173 cm
  • 体重: 201 lbs / 91 kg
  • 体型: 健壮结实
  • 头发颜色: 浅棕色, 短发
  • 眼睛: 淡褐色
  • 种族: 白种人/高加索人
  • 星座:: 天蝎座 天蝎座

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Forgive me if my profile reads like a book and is somewhat jumbled and disorganized. I think on it daily and frequently add content to give you the reader a better idea of who and what I am. If the long read is a turnoff, then it probably isn't worth your time or mine to converse anyhow so consider it a savings of time and emotion for both of us. I don't ever want to be in another relationship where both of us didn't have a good understanding of each other going in.

I stumbled onto this site by accident and find myself utterly amazed at all of the incredibly attractive and truly wonderful sounding women who have never found "the right man" or found the wrong man who didn't appreciate them enough to keep them.

If you notice you've made it to my "hotlist" rest assured there's something about you that has obviously turned my eye and made me think you just might be "the one". I'm also smart enough to know that such women are probably inundated with messages and emails from potential suitors from all over the world and may never get to mine just due to the sheer volume of men trying to gain your attention.

If you notice you've been added and see something in my profile that stirs your interest by all means add me and let's converse.

I'm not a cocky or macho man. I won't go around looking to challenge other men or overreacting to those looking to show how tough they are. Be assured though that if someone of ill intent were to threaten you or our family I will absolutely do whatever is necessary to stop them. I am a man of peace and love, but I'm also a man who's been to war and who has been forced into fights I'd rather have avoided. Fortunately I am well gifted at both avoiding trouble and dealing with it as that is how I make my living.

I've traveled much of the world in my life and have seen the very best and very worse of people and places. I'm not much on aspiring to see a whole lot more of the world but I would love to travel enough with my new wife to show her all I can about my own country which I have also seen much of. I was fortunate as a kid and as a young man to travel much of the region where I grew up and to learn and appreciate the history of Texas and the US Southwest. Few realize just how big of a lasting impact the Spanish Catholic roots of this region have had a very long and lasting effect on it, and I like to think it is for the better.

I am an outdoorsman, hunter, fisherman, gun enthusiast and collector. I teach all aspects of self defense both armed and unarmed, shooting, and self defense martial arts.

I pick up languages easily when immersed with locals so I've never considered language differences to be a problem. Over the years I've seen perfect couples come from people who fell in love before they even knew how to say hi to one another who have had very long and happy marriages. The language struggles just forced them to work harder to be better mates to one another. Today, with modern translation programs and online language learning programs it should be even less of challenge for those who care to put the effort in.

I am a Christian, not a regular church attendee but a firm believer in God. I'm fortunate to be friends with priests, pastors, rabbis and even a few imams from quite a few denominations and Temples and love to have deep discussions of faith and religion with them.

I am a Morally and Politically Conservative man, I am firm in my principles but also open enough to learn and reevaluate where I may be wrong. I believe that even absent a belief in God the Ten commandments gives us a great guide to a successful and fulfilling life with minimal strife and struggle. Avoid lies, and you have trust, honor your parents and elders and you have fewer conflicts to drive you apart, never covet your neighbors spouse, money or goods and you won't be willing to do harmful things to obtain them. Avoid at all costs adultery as it can only serve to destroy your marriage and family. Never bear false witness against others, it only leads to hurt and is very destructive of both the family and society. Even those who are not religious should be able to see how important those things are.

I've had a life of adventure, travel, hard work, success, failure, recovery and keep working towards more success. I've had my ups and downs but I never give up including in my search for that one true love of a lifetime.

I especially love kids, as yet though I've never had any of my own but have helped to raise quite a few. I've been I'm told a great friend, brother, uncle and figure I just might make a good dad too should God decide to make it part of my life's plan.

I always strive to good man and I know that the right woman as my wife would make me a better man and inspire me to be an even better man each day for the rest of our life together.

I'm well read, well educated, have seen much of the world and have lived just about every dream I ever had other than having my own family, I can engage in intelligent discussions on just about any subject and have spent my life learning to that end. I never tire of learning new things or more about subject I'm already familiar with.

I won't use you, I won't be used. I want a partner in every way and a woman that understands what a true love is, that is based on mutual respect, shared values and that God should be the center of our lives.

I am not wealthy, just a middle aged, middle class hard working entrepreneur trying to make my own way in life rather than depending on others. I'd given away most of what I accumulated in life to friends, family, and charities I support long ago and only started caring about my success again after deciding I seriously wanted to give love one more try so I'm building a new business.

A marriage cannot be a battle for dominance and survive long. Each partner brings strengths and weaknesses, talents and abilities and we all have our weaknesses and character faults.

Where one is strong the other has to be willing to give, and in doing so great things can be accomplished as a couple and family.

No matter what other advantages a couple starts out with if they are constantly battling for dominance there's little chance of the marriage surviving and if it does it will never be a happy one, just one that has to be tolerated.


What she is?

She's patient, understanding, kind, faithful, loving and always puts God and Her family above all else. She's a woman who can recognize she's said something very hurtful in anger lashing out she knows isn't true and look me in the eye later and give me a heartfelt apology. She doesn't need my forgiveness, she already has it but she realizes that without that heartfelt, loving apology the hurt remains and chips away one outburst at a time till the rock that is our mutual love and respect lay on the floor in chips and pieces.

She is a woman who melts my heart every time I look into her eyes and see that kind, loving smile on her face.

She's confident and strong, but needs the right man to make her whole and complete. She's a woman that is willing to work hard every day to build a better life for us and our family that we'll build together.

She's soft enough to want to curl up in my arms and cuddle when she's had a bad day so I can lift her up and remind her how wonderful and special she is to me and our family.

She's strong enough to be there when I need someone to lean on, to remind me that my life is no longer just about me and how much I am needed, loved, and respected by the woman I have always dreamed of finding.

She's a woman who knows how to stand beside her man to help him achieve great things together as a family, not a party girl looking for a good time or a needy woman looking for a wealthy man to shower her with lavish gifts, exotic travel etc.

Physically she's tall, medium, short, slender, stocky, athletic or just looks like a good old fashion "farm girl". I don't care if I need to get on my knees or climb a ladder to put my arms around her and giver her a loving kiss.

What attracts me most and immediately are a woman's eyes and smile. The eyes are the window to the soul and the smile is a mirror of what is in her heart.

Hair? A woman's hair is an expression of who and what she is. It can be just about any color under the sun.

Race, ethnicity, home country? It really doesn't matter. She's a woman with old fashioned/old world values. She could be from Eastern or Northern Europe, Asia, Middle East, Near East, Far East, Central, South, or North America.

Her past? As long as there's no emotional baggage that poisons our relationship I consider the past just part of how we become who we are at any given moment. If you've had past relationships and are still looking obviously they were not right but don't let those relationships follow you into the future.

Learn from them, move on, and most certainly learn to trust again before getting in another relationship. Jealousy and Mistrust are simply incompatible with a future that includes a healthy, happy, succesful and fulfilling marriage.

Single for life? Fine. Divorced? Fine. What matters is what she wants for the rest of her life.

Her self image? A woman that cares enough about herself to be healthy and fit both physically and emotionally. She can walk 2 miles and enjoy it and not need me to carry her back home but she's not obsessed with her looks, her body etc.

She wants nothing more out of life than to be a great wife, loving mother, and lifelong companion to a man who will cherish and lover her for the rest of his life.

Religion? As long as we believe in the same God and make God the center of our universe we can work out the details and if needed find compromise.

I think shared faith is very important. Faith in God gives the family a secure anchor. The family is the anchor for each individual. Every marriage, every family will have good and bad times, challenges and celebrations, if God is the center of the family universe no matter what comes your way you have a stable foundation to keep you whole both individually and as a family.

Does this woman still exist? I like to think so, the only question is can I find her and when I do will she recognize she's found her man?

Maybe I'm just a middle aged guy living a fantasy, maybe I just waited too long or spent too much time with the "wrong women". Personally I like to think I'm a realist and all those wonderful possibilities still exist.

What she isn't.

A desperate woman seeking a green card, a user of illegal drugs, an alcoholic, lazy, vindictive, mean, or just a party girl looking for a good time.

She's not a woman who thrives on conflict, who likes to blow up over nothing just to stir our emotions so we can have wild, passionate makeup sex later. I don't need that kind of conflict or drama and I don't enjoy it.

If you're old enough to know who and what you are and what you want and I sound like a good prospect I could very much be "your guy". If not, no hard feelings and I wish you the very best in your search. Everyone deserves to be happy, loved, and fulfilled and we're not all great matches. If love were easy everyone would get it right the first time, and of course very few of us are that fortunate.

I want just one more love, a chance to have a family of my own, and my life will be complete.

Someone with similar goals, faith/religion, dreams, and expectations. I'm beyond just dating or shopping around, I'm not looking for sex with adventurous women in exotic locations, just someone serious about finding a man who'd truly love and respect them to share the rest of my life with and hopefully to help me leave a legacy behind when I'm gone.

Understand this, finding the last love of my life, marriage, and children are my goal. If there's a real deal breaker it's smoking. No, I'm not an anti smoking Nazi but I watched two family members die horribly from smoking related illnesses, and watched my mother die slowly and painfully as a result of her smoking.

If you've smoked in the past, trying to quit and committed to doing so, only occasionally light one up but can live without it, no problem. I cannot however enter into a long term relationship with someone who plans to keep smoking. I just can't bear to see anyone I love die like that again.

My ideal woman is strong and confident in herself but with old fashioned/world values. Her family comes second only to God and once committed she is anchored for life with her new family. She'll lean on her man when she's tired, hold him up when he needs support. She'll lover her children and husband with everything she has and always be the one person everyone can count on.

Does this sound like you?


  1. 英语 (母语), 德语, 西班牙语 (基本水平)
  2. 硕士学位
  3. 其他职业/服务服务/贸易
  4. 路德教
  5. 离异
  6. 无小孩
  7. 不吸烟
  8. 偶尔


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