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German Men

Germany is a modern, cosmopolitan country, but even in this highly individualized, highly mobile 21st century world, the family is still of fundamental importance for the German people. Men in Germany prize forward thinking and innovation. Education is of the utmost importance to them. Displays of politeness and courtesy are ways of showing respect to Germans, so be aware of your etiquette. In many respects Germans can be considered the masters of planning and logistics, as they tend to be very detail-oriented and, perhaps, perfectionists. There is a strong separation between work and personal life, though you will still be filled with a sense of security that is an essential element in a strong and enduring relationship. Faithfulness to one’s partner remains an important value; honesty, directness and politeness in communication are usually common features of these singles, so what woman wouldn’t like to date a man who has all this going for him?

Germany is a federal parliamentary republic in west-central Europe that stretches from the Alps, across the North European Plain to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. With 80 million inhabitants, it is the most populous member state in the European Union. The country is the major economic and political power of the European continent and is an historic leader in many cultural, theoretical, and technical fields. The climate here is temperate and marine; cool, cloudy, wet winters and summers are the norm.

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Single men from Germany seeking for Marriage

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German man - Christian from Vechta


Christian 45 y.o.

From Vechta, Germany
German man - Passi from Essen


Passi 27 y.o.

From Essen, Germany
German man - Marlo from Ansbach


Marlo 35 y.o.

From Ansbach, Germany
German man - Reinhard from Osterhofen


Reinhard 50 y.o.

From Osterhofen, Germany
German man - Josef from Ravensburg


Josef 58 y.o.

From Ravensburg, Germany
German man - Bing from Nuremberg


Bing 45 y.o.

From Nuremberg, Germany
German man - Mike from Munchen


Mike 32 y.o.

From Munchen, Germany
German man - Dennis from Nurnberg


Dennis 24 y.o.

From Nurnberg, Germany
German man - Matthias from Bremen


Matthias 42 y.o.

From Bremen, Germany
German man - Chris  from Cloppenburg


Chris 48 y.o.

From Cloppenburg, Germany
German man - Stefan from Saarbrucken


Stefan 51 y.o.

From Saarbrucken, Germany
German man - Brian from Berlin


Brian 27 y.o.

From Berlin, Germany
German man - Hakan from Frankfurt am Main


Hakan 25 y.o.

From Frankfurt am Main, Germany
German man - Karl from Frankfurt am Main


Karl 30 y.o.

From Frankfurt am Main, Germany
German man - Blake from Ramstein


Blake 23 y.o.

From Ramstein, Germany
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Results: 1-15 of 105

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