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Indonesian Brides

If you are dreaming about a faithful and patient female who will understand and accept you for who you are, look no further than the Indonesian Bride. Indonesian women are taught to behave appropriately within the mores of their culture, with modesty being a highly valued virtue. Despite these truths, most Indonesian women are educated, seek career opportunities and will likely not give up her work for family, but will ambitiously attempt to successfully manage both.

Indonesian single ladies are a delight to be around because of their positive natures and bubbly personalities. The typical Indonesian woman has tanned skin, dark hair, and even darker eyes. The modern Indonesian woman looks especially feminine with her petite body usually adorned with in fashionable wardrobe. She wears make up and her hair is usually carefully arranged. Perfect looks go along with a lovely character. Polite communication, a strong feeling of respect for her partner and family, and a perceptible sense of loyalty combine to create the perfect bride.

About Indonesia

Indonesia, officially the Republic of Indonesia, is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Indonesia is an archipelago comprising a staggering 17,508 islands. Indonesia covers an area of 1,904,569 km2 (735,358 sq. mi). The capital and the largest city is Jakarta. Indonesia has a population of over 247 million and the average Indonesian speaks the Indonesian language, the country's official language. Additionally there are 742 different languages and dialects. Indonesia has stipulated religious freedom though Islam dominates.

Indonesian Brides by City

Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, Surabaya, Semarang, Manado, Yogyakarta, Bogor, Makassar, Denpasar, Balikpapan, Bali, Dki Jakarta, Malang, Luwuk, Palembang, Solo, Batam, Tangerang, Bekasi

Indonesian Women

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Indonesian bride - Ellen from Surabaya


Ellen 22 y.o.

From Surabaya, Indonesia
Indonesian bride - Suzy from Purwokerto


Suzy 33 y.o.

From Purwokerto, Indonesia
Indonesian bride - Tria from Lubukpakam


Tria 40 y.o.

From Lubukpakam, Indonesia
Indonesian bride - Vitariani from Bekasi


Vitariani 21 y.o.

From Bekasi, Indonesia
Indonesian bride - Yenny from Jakarta


Yenny 35 y.o.

From Jakarta, Indonesia
Indonesian bride - Maya from Medan


Maya 45 y.o.

From Medan, Indonesia
Indonesian bride - Sendra from Balikpapan


Sendra 29 y.o.

From Balikpapan, Indonesia
Indonesian bride - Piya from Solo


Piya 18 y.o.

From Solo, Indonesia
Indonesian bride - Kris from Jakarta


Kris 50 y.o.

From Jakarta, Indonesia
Indonesian bride - Venna from Jogjakarta


Venna 18 y.o.

From Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Indonesian bride - Rose from Jakarta


Rose 36 y.o.

From Jakarta, Indonesia
Indonesian bride - Wayan from Jakarta


Wayan 39 y.o.

From Jakarta, Indonesia
Indonesian bride - Siti from Yogyakarta


Siti 18 y.o.

From Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Indonesian bride - Ina from Jakarta


Ina 21 y.o.

From Jakarta, Indonesia
Indonesian bride - Winda from Jakarta


Winda 23 y.o.

From Jakarta, Indonesia
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Results: 1-15 of 306

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