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Irish Men

Ireland is a dynamic, lively, modern country with a young population and a successful, technologically-orientated economy. Ireland also remains a country of deeply revered traditions where music, conversation, dance, celebrations and festivals are an important part of life. Family and friends are always a vital part of an Irishman’s life. They have a great love of conversation and a genuine interest in other people; independence, education, and a good sense of humor are all hallmarks of the Irish man’s character. The overall friendliness and hospitable nature of them makes them desirable partners. Marriage is treated as a lifelong commitment and is a sacred vow; strong ties with family members are common amongst the Irish people. Men are highly individualistic and they tend to assume personal responsibility for their own lot in life and are able to achieve great things on their own without having to depend on others. They place importance on life success and generally value intelligence over looks. What woman would not desire such a partner? And their accent is to die for! Listening to the melodic tones of an Irishman’s speech is often quite enough to make any woman feel weak in her knees.

Ireland is an island off Western Europe in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. This mostly Catholic country enjoys a temperate climate. During the winter months temperatures rarely drop below freezing and snow is uncommon, but showers and rain can occur at any time of the year.

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Single men from Ireland seeking for Marriage

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Irish man - Patrick from Dublin


Patrick 25 y.o.

From Dublin, Ireland
Irish man - Darryl from Limerick


Darryl 32 y.o.

From Limerick, Ireland
Irish man - Donagh from Dublin


Donagh 44 y.o.

From Dublin, Ireland
Irish man - Bob from Mullingar


Bob 47 y.o.

From Mullingar, Ireland
Irish man - Richard from Kildare


Richard 50 y.o.

From Kildare, Ireland
Irish man - Jerry from Killarney


Jerry 55 y.o.

From Killarney, Ireland
Irish man - Padraic from Kildare


Padraic 31 y.o.

From Kildare, Ireland
Irish man - Paul from Cork


Paul 37 y.o.

From Cork, Ireland
Irish man - Ger from Dublin


Ger 55 y.o.

From Dublin, Ireland
Irish man - Andrew from Naas


Andrew 34 y.o.

From Naas, Ireland
Irish man - Michael from Carlow


Michael 35 y.o.

From Carlow, Ireland
Irish man - Gerard from Dublin


Gerard 40 y.o.

From Dublin, Ireland
Irish man - Ray from Kerry City


Ray 41 y.o.

From Kerry City, Ireland
Irish man - Khurram from Dublin


Khurram 31 y.o.

From Dublin, Ireland
Irish man - Cliff from Dublin


Cliff 49 y.o.

From Dublin, Ireland
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Results: 1-15 of 123

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