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Israeli Men

In the relationship and family oriented Israeli culture, feelings and emotions are primary; men here are honest and straight forward, perhaps blunt, but they will tell you exactly how they feel, and what they are thinking. This makes communication for a couple more forthcoming and open. Israeli men are certainly handsome, friendly, and warm. They are westernized, educated, and like to talk a lot, so you will never be bored in a company of an Israeli! Though females are highly respected and actively participate in all spheres of life, in religiously observant households they are expected to do most if not all of the cooking, cleaning, and child rearing. In comparison to other industrialized countries, Israel is a family-centric society, suitable for a woman who wants to enjoy warm, intimate interactions between man and wife and the children.

Israel is an advanced democratic republic in Western Asia, on the south-eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It is the world's only Jewish-majority state. It is considered one of the most advanced countries in Southwest Asia and has two official languages, Hebrew and Arabic. Israel has a huge variety of topographical features- forested highlands, fertile green valleys, mountainous deserts, coastal plains and the remarkable Dead Sea (the lowest point on earth). Israel boasts innumerable cultural, religious, and archaeological sites and is a magnet for tourism, this despite its tough neighborhood. The climate ranges from temperate to tropical, with plenty of sunshine.

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Single men from Israel seeking for Marriage

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Israeli man - Anton from Hadera


Anton 25 y.o.

From Hadera, Israel
Israeli man - Avry from Haifa


Avry 47 y.o.

From Haifa, Israel
Israeli man - Shimon from Jerusalem


Shimon 63 y.o.

From Jerusalem, Israel
Israeli man - Ozzie from Holon


Ozzie 57 y.o.

From Holon, Israel
Israeli man - Eli from Jerusalem


Eli 52 y.o.

From Jerusalem, Israel
Israeli man - Amir from Beer-Sheva


Amir 39 y.o.

From Beer-Sheva, Israel
Israeli man - Izik from Ness Ziona


Izik 42 y.o.

From Ness Ziona, Israel
Israeli man - Matan from Holon


Matan 29 y.o.

From Holon, Israel
Israeli man - Arthur from Haifa


Arthur 33 y.o.

From Haifa, Israel
Israeli man - Shimi from Akko


Shimi 27 y.o.

From Akko, Israel
Israeli man - Lior from Ashdod


Lior 41 y.o.

From Ashdod, Israel
Israeli man - Jacob from Natanya


Jacob 58 y.o.

From Natanya, Israel
Israeli man - Ori from Jerusalem


Ori 40 y.o.

From Jerusalem, Israel
Israeli man - Dominic from Haifa


Dominic 43 y.o.

From Haifa, Israel
Israeli man - Ohad from Petah Tiqva


Ohad 32 y.o.

From Petah Tiqva, Israel
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Results: 1-15 of 36

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