Z Hartford, South Dakota, Stany Zjednoczone

52 letni mężczyzna szuka kobiety 30-50 lat
  • Wzrost: 6'3" / 191 cm
  • Waga: 231 lbs / 105 kg
  • Budowa ciała: Atletyczna i umięśniona
  • Włosy: Czarny, Długie
  • Oczy: Niebieskoszare
  • Pochodzenie: Biała / Kaukaska
  • Znak zodiaku:: Lew Lew

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Nazwa użytkownika: awoodard
ID użytkownika: 921782
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Aktywny dziś
Ostatnia aktualizacja: 11 listopada, 2023
Użytkownik od: 10 lutego, 2020

Nazwa użytkownika: awoodard
ID użytkownika: 921782
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O mnie w moich własnych słowach

A friend told me I was "too handsome for my own good" I think he meant I seem unapproachable and arrogant- but I'm not (I am really very shy)! Anyway, I really haven't dated for a long time. I was the fulltime caregiver for my mom who passed away in July 2019, so I was very focused on trying to keep her alive. She is the main reason I obtained 3 college degrees-thanks Mom, for everything.

I also write and have published two books thus far ("The Revenger-The Life and Times of Wild Bill Hickok" and "Soft Fur and Iron Men-A History of the Fur trade in the Upper Missouri", My third book has been taken by a literary agent just this week-aiming for a large publisher-Praying it sells.

Obviously, I love books. I read a lot-History, Theology, Biography

I am a diabetic (Type II) who takes many meds, so by necessity I work out a lot and stay very fit. I only eat 2x a day (mostly veggies and meat) and I run and bike a lot-over 200 miles a month, and strength-power training in my home gym.

My Christian faith is very important to me. I try to follow the Lord's leading-sometimes challenging! I go to church weekly and Bible study groups. I really enjoy talking about spiritual things. I think you will mention this in your profile if it is also important to you.

I do not smoke or drink and do not want to be around those things-no judging, just doesn't work for me. If you have drinking pics on your profile, I am definitely not "the one" for you. If you are a "social drinker", its sad you have to drink to be social-try it without drugs! My grandma always said "nothing good comes from drinking"-and I still believe that. Name one thing-I can't.

I am also "tattooless" -not into it.

I enjoy watching western movies and historical drama-. I love beautiful spots in nature and have visited many national parks (Yosemite, Sequoia, Glacier, Devils Tower, Joshua Tree, Yellowstone-my favorite).

I also like to sew! I was raised by several women (My mom, grandma and aunt), so I learned to sew, quilt and cook very young.

I have longer very dark hair, gray-green eyes and a moustache. I am 6'3'' and weigh 235. I am what is known as "Black Irish"- you can google it. We can celebrate St. Pats together with a 12 pack-of Diet Mello Yellow! I have all my teeth, hair, body parts, etc. and expect the same. I am aging well, I think, (A few laugh lines around my eyes-that's good right?) and look pretty much the same as at 20. I always wear cowboy boots, even with suits-its my trademark. I collect them. I have 11 pair.

I am the proverbial "nice guy" who usually doesn't get the girl, just the bill.

Politically, I am Definitely, NOT a Trumper!

I have one brother and one sister, and that's all that's left of my family. Everyone else is in heaven.

It would be nice to meet for a possible lifetime match-that's what I'm looking for-and you? If you like what you see, message me-I'll respond.

O mojej parze

I guess I am looking for someone attractive who is very kind. I have had some hard blows lately and kindness is huge. FYI: Sarcasm=huge turn-off! I want a partner who is honest as well-I hate deception. I value a pure heart more than great beauty-but I am a male and I'm lying if I said I didn't notice female beauty-and appreciate it-but I am a one woman man-I just haven't found her yet. A tall blond or raven haired lady with light eyes would be my dream girl. Its also very important to me that my potential match is a strong Christian-walking with Jesus.

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  1. Angielski (ojczysty), Niemiecki (podstawy)
  2. Dr / Podoktoranckie
  3. Edukacja / Nauczanie / Opieka nad Dziećmi
  4. Chrześcijanin
  5. Wolny/-a
  6. Nie mam dzieci
  7. Tak
  8. Niepalący
  9. Nigdy

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  1. Spokojny, Przyjazny / Uprzejmy, Łagodny, Humorystyczny / Dowcipny, Intelektualista / Inteligent, Wytrwały, Pewny siebie, Towarzyski
  2. Kolarstwo, Jogging / Bieganie, Podnoszenie ciężarów
  3. Kawa i rozmowy, Hobby i rzemiosło, Spotkania / Przyjaciele, Filmy / Filmy wideo, Podróże / Zwiedzanie
  4. Amerykańskie, Grill, Deli, Meksykańskie
  5. Chrześcijańska i Gospel, Ludowa
  6. Komiksy, Fabularne, Czasopisma, Literatura faktu

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