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Excellent site and I did meet someone that here that led to us considering a long term relationship. Thank you guys, all the best!

Louis de Atlanta, Georgia, Estados Unidos - 21 de abril de 2024

Thank you so much for your wonderful services. I met Petrea here and we are fully planning to spend the rest of our lives together! Thank you again for allowing us to find each other.

Melvin de Globe, Arizona, Estados Unidos - 15 de abril de 2024

Yes I did find someone that I am truly happy with and thank you for having your service here for people like myself. You are doing a wonderful job and service to those looking to find a soulmate. Thanks for all your help and may you continue to help others as you've helped me!!!

With Kind Regards,


Cashious de Borrego Springs, California, Estados Unidos - 10 de março de 2024
I just want to say thank you, God, and thank you, Rose Brides, for your service. I am an American, originally from Puerto Rico and now living in Texas. I met the most wonderful woman on the face of this planet (and I am not exaggerating). She's from Venezuela and speaks both Spanish and English like me. At some point, we hope we can get married. And she's not a fake person or anything like that either. I don't know what other deterrents can be put in place for ill-intentioned profiles, but at least you promptly removed the ones I reported, and that is commendable. Thank you again.
Ray de Garland, Texas, Estados Unidos - 17 de novembro de 2023

I found a beautiful gal who I believe will make me happy going forward, and I think I can make her happy as well. Thank you for your support.

Rich de Knoxville, Tennessee, Estados Unidos - 3 de novembro de 2023

Thank you. It's a great place to find someone special, another avenue for those seeking. I'm leaving because I've met someone at my place of employment. Thank you to the staff at RB for the nearly month I stayed with you. Take care and all the best.

Yareb de Boston, Massachusetts, Estados Unidos - 27 de outubro de 2023

I am not deleting my account because I do not like the site. I am deleting my account because I have found someone using and will be going to visit her later this month. I would recommend this site to other men that want to find someone from another country.

Maurice de Hampton, Virginia, Estados Unidos - 5 de outubro de 2023

I have found the love of my life thanks to your site. RoseBrides is truly the best site for like-minded sincere people to meet. Your screening process is better than any other similar site by far. I can't thank RoseBrides enough and am always recommending your site to friends. Thank you, RoseBrides.

Earl de Oldtown, Idaho, Estados Unidos - 27 de setembro de 2023

Met a beautiful lady from the Philippines; things are going great. We are working on bbringing her to the USA so we can get married.

Adam de Rogersville, Alabama, Estados Unidos - 9 de setembro de 2023

I've found someone and will give it a go. Hopefully, this time around, it will work out.

Carlos de Madrid, Espanha - 2 de setembro de 2023
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