De Saint Paul, Minnesota, Estados Unidos

Hombre de 39 años buscando mujer de 32 a 50 años
  • Altura: 5'5" / 164 cm
  • Peso: 130 lbs / 59 kg
  • Tipo de cuerpo: Atlético y tonificado
  • Cabello: Negro, Corto
  • Ojos: Marrón oscuro
  • Raza: Latino / Hispano
  • Signo de zodiaco:: Géminis Géminis

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Nombre de usuario: PunkSoldier8521
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Activo hoy
Última actualización: Julio 12, 2024
Miembro desde: Abril 22, 2024

Nombre de usuario: PunkSoldier8521
ID del miembro: 1270143
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Acerca de mí

My name is Rahul. I am serious about getting married, if you are looking to date or a time pass DO NOT waste my time!

My Personality: I am a straightforward person! I have a realistic mentality! I live out of my head into reality! I am always truthful. I do have a hard mouth on me, but I mean well. I am loving, romantic, sweet, caring, generous, respectful, reliable, dependable, trustworthy & responsible.

I am employed & I love what I do for a living! It is not work but passion! I am an Assistant Teacher & Professional Security Officer!

I attended Rasmussen College & earned an Associates & bachelor's degree in business management/Entrepreneurship.

I was born in Mumbai, India on 21st June 1985 at 1:15PM. I was born in Mumbai, India but raised in the U.S. I am an adopted child. I was adopted when I was 6 months old from Family Service Centre. I do mostly dress in western attire but when I dress in Indian attire, I prefer wearing Shivani's in any color.

I am health cautious. I do exercise 3 days a week!
I do not eat any fried foods.
I do not drink any black colored soft drinks! The soft drinks I drink are clear soft drinks or a red colored soft drink such as Cherry Sprite or Regular Sprite.

I listen to modern music from any country. I prefer listening to hip-hop & punk-rock from any country!

I do not smoke.
I do not drink.
I do not do drugs!
I do not have any disabilities at all!

I do NOT depend on anyone accept myself! I am an independent person!

I cook for myself breakfast, lunch & dinner (in the afternoon I make tea for my mom & I)

I do my own dishes & I also do my parents dishes.

I do the laundry at the house.

I purchase my own clothes including shoes & jacket.

I take out all the trash in the house. I keep the house clean at all times.

I take 15-minute showers every day. (I do shampoo & condition my hair everyday)

I am an organized & clean person. I like to live in a clean & organized house.

I do plan ahead & go forward with my plans.

I do have a valid driver’s license! I do not have criminal background! I have NEVER been pulled over for a speeding ticket & I have been driving since October of 2002 (when I was 17 years old!)

My dad was a Chemical Engineer for the company 3M & he is now retired.

My mom was a Physical Therapist for Regions Hospital & she is now retired.

I have 1 younger sister who is also adopted from Family Service Centre. She is married to a black man & has 4 kids.

We are a modern family. We accept anyone & everyone into our family no matter their gender or racial background.

If you are serious about marriage, send me an expression of interest. I will accept it =)

Acerca de mi Pareja Compatible

I would like to meet a woman who is easy to speak to, understands me, accepts me & will always supports me, if you have those qualities, I am happy to accept you as my wife.

What I am NOT looking for is someone who lies, cheats, uses people, abuses people verbally or physically, play mental mind games, is hardheaded & difficult.

Acerca de mí

  1. Inglés (nativo), Español (básico)
  2. Licenciatura
  3. Policía/Militar/Seguridad
  4. Ateo
  5. Soltero
  6. No tengo hijos
  7. No
  8. No Fumador
  9. Nunca

Personalidad e Intereses

  1. Artístico, Calmado, Comunicativo, No pretencioso, Tolerante/Flexible/De mente abierta, Elegante, Coqueto/Juguetón, Amigable/Amable, Amable, Divertido/Ingenioso, Intelectual/Listo, Optimista, Persistente, Práctico, Tranquilo/Tímido, Romántico, Romántico, Seguro de sí mismo, Sensible/Protector/Cariñoso, Serio/Responsable, Sencillo, Sofisticado/Cosmopolita, No Convencional/De Espíritu Libre
  2. Aeróbicos, Navegación/Vela/Balsismo, Bolos, Correr/Marcha, Levantamiento de Pesas
  3. Cocinar, Salir a cenar, Aficiones y manualidades, Reuniones/Amigos, Películas/Vídeos, Museos y arte, Música y Conciertos, Viajes/Turismo, Ver deportes
  4. Caribeña/Cubana, Griega, Hindú, Italiana, Mediterránea, Mexicana, Mariscos, Sudamericana, Española, Vegana, Vegetariana/Orgánica
  5. Country, Instrumental, Latina, Punk, Rap/Hip Hop, Música del mundo/Étnica
  6. Detectives, Ficción, No Ficción, Novelas

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