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American Samoa Brides

Single American Samoan women are strong and quite self-sufficient but they still desire to have gentlemen in their company. They tend to be family-driven and place great value on the home life. They devote much of their time and energy to family so if you choose to engage yourself in the life of an American Samoan woman you should be ready to meet her many relatives!

Women from American Samoa are good-looking, with voluptuous feminine curves, skin that is deeply tanned in color, bright eyes, straight black hair and beautiful white teeth. The customs of American Samoa require modesty regarding women’s apparel; the knees and chest of a woman should be covered but all this is nicely compensated by colorful and intricately patterned materials.

Any man would be lucky to share his life with such compassionate, kind, and pleasant women.

About American Samoa

American Samoa is an unincorporated territory of the United States located in the South Pacific Ocean. American Samoa consists of 5 main islands and 2 coral atolls with a total land area of about 76 sq. mi (196.8 km2). The capital of American Samoa is Pago Pago and its largest city is Tafuna. The population of American Samoa is over 50 thousand people, 91 percent of whom are native Samoans. The majority of the population speaks Samoan and is Christian.

American Samoa Women

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