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International Dating Advice

Developing a relationship with a woman from another country can be exciting and fulfilling. International dating has endless possibilities and using a Web site like helps you connect with women you otherwise wouldn’t be able to know.

Everyone knows that sometimes dating is complicated – and introducing a different country into the mix can make it a little more so. But while language and cultural differences can pose problems, you can mitigate the difficulties by taking the time to learn as much as you can about your match before you decide to meet and start dating. Gaining an understanding of her culture and learning her language can smooth the path. Regardless of where the relationship goes, you’ll benefit from broadening your horizons.

As you learn about her culture, think about whether you’d be willing to move to her country to be with her or prefer that she move to yours. Think about things such as different religions or political views. By getting to know as much as possible about her and considering a broad range of issues before the relationship progresses too far, you may avoid problems down the road.

The key thing is to always be honest in your profile and correspondence. Then, when you’re ready to meet face-to-face, there’s nothing to be nervous about. If you have presented yourself honestly, chances are she will continue to show interest after you’ve met. These tips will help you win her over:

Take the time to write an engaging profile

Taking the time to write an engaging profile suggests that you are serious about finding the right match. When a woman clicks through from your photo to your profile, she’s hoping to learn enough about you to decide if you might be right for her. Tell some interesting facts about yourself and what you’re looking for in a mate – and let your personality shine. Not saying much in your profile makes it easier to click away and move on to the next profile. But don’t write too much either – a few paragraphs is fine; leave some topics to discuss as you’re getting to know each other.

Above all be honest and stay positive. Be descriptive about your lifestyle and what’s important to you in a relationship; explain what makes you unique. When you put lots of specific examples in your profile, you make it easier for a woman to read it and say, "Wow, me too!"

Make connections

After you’ve set up your profile, don’t just sit back and wait for women to take the first step. Look at different profiles and if you see one you like, click “Say Hello” to show you are interested. Often, writing a personalized message based on something you’ve read in her profile is better than just clicking “Say Hello” because it shows you’ve taken the time to read her profile, which might induce her to respond. You might also send an extra photo that isn’t on your profile to make her feel special.

Staying active and conducting searches will increase your visibility in women’s searches. Be sure to log in daily because inclusion of your profile in our lists is based on the date of your last login. Use the “My Matches” options or general searches to find someone you may be compatible with. Check “New Members,” “New Photo” and “Active Recently” so you can be the first to contact an interesting woman who comes up – and check your “New Matches” regularly.

Please remember: do not take it personally if a woman does not respond to you – in the same way, it’s likely you will not respond to every woman who contacts you. Sometimes people who use dating sites are simply curious and not serious. It’s all a matter of mutual chemistry, which is often difficult to get right. The more women you are in touch with the better your chances for finding someone. If a woman contacts you and you’re not interested, consider sending a polite message of “thanks, but I’m not interested.”

Trial and error

It’s very possible that the first few women you link up with won’t be right for you. You may start chatting with a woman only to find she suddenly stops corresponding with you. Or after getting to know a woman you may decide she isn’t the one you are looking for. This is totally fine and one of the advantages of online dating, and there’s no need to rush things.

Feel free to be as selective as you wish. It’s important to feel comfortable with someone – and you should follow your instincts over the course of your correspondence and conversations. If you feel it’s not going to work out, don’t hesitate to end the talking. Move on so you can spend time finding a better match. And remember to report a member who says or does something that worries you.

Attitudes about how long it may take to make a decision to marry

If you find a woman who sparks your interest, you may find that you differ in attitudes and time frames for getting to know each other well enough to marry. Try to get a sense of whether the woman prefers a long courtship before getting married and having children or if she expects things to move quickly once there is a mutual understanding about the seriousness of the relationship. It’s best to be on the same page here.

Stay in contact

Maintaining regular contact will smooth the process of getting to know each other; having long conversations every once in a while tends not to work so well. You can use e-mail, Skype and Instant Messenger. You could also send her a small gift or letter by mail or digital gifts such as photos or music to show her she’s on your mind. You can find cute songs and videos on

Take it slow and wait awhile before you discuss serious matters

Obviously you want to know as much as possible about your match, but it’s not a good idea to ask too many questions right away. Slow but steady usually works best. Reveal interesting facts over time as you’re getting to know each other. This can add to the excitement of the experience.

If your relationship begins to get serious, start discussing issues such as whether you want children or not and if she plans to marry you and come to your country. Be clear about your expectations for her family role: do you prefer her to be a housewife or work outside the home? It’s important to put everything out in the open during the process of finding out how well matched you are.

If it gets serious

If you meet a woman and get serious with her, that’s great. Just be sure the proper paperwork is in order before one of you moves to the other’s country. Usually the woman will move to your country, but it’s still important to know about visa requirements and other immigration issues in both countries before you take the next step – and you should confirm the facts for yourself.

It takes time and effort, but you too can find the perfect partner through international dating!