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Andorra is a wealthy small country, so men here tend to live positive and low stress lives. They value the feeling of community and closeness of family and friends; they are certainly oriented to creating families of their own as well. Andorran people love the idea of living well, taking the time to appreciate what they have, and thriving with their many healthy activities – they eat good food and love their outdoor activities in this little paradise of the Pyrenees. The population has many ethnic groups, all of which enjoy cordial relations. Most who are citizens of Andorra are ethnically Catalans, making up only about 33 percent of the population. The balance is mostly comprised of Spanish, French, and Portuguese residents. You will not feel unwelcomed here if you decide to marry a man from this beautiful and practically violence-free country. There is another factoid that may further encourage you to establish your own family here - Andorra has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe.

Andorra is one of the smallest countries in Europe, nestled high in the Pyrenees Mountains between the French and Spanish borders, but it is not so small in terms of wealth. It is a thriving international commercial center and popular destination for duty free shoppers from neighboring countries. The climate is predominately cool and mountainous; snow fall is a common phenomenon in winter with many residents being avid skiers. The summer is generally cool and quite pleasant.

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