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At the core of Argentine society is family and that often means large and quite extended ones! Since this is a relationship-driven culture, men will often depend upon a large network of relatives and also friends who usually are from their school days. Argentines really cherish their relationships and time is always made for friends. Argentine men are full of compliments, attentive, and very passionate; they love their wives and children and are keen and savvy survivors to boot. They are known for their love of life and they thoroughly appreciate beauty – both outside and inside of a woman. Along with guys here being naturally blessed with good looks, they also tend to be quite focused on their appearance, always striving to look their very best. They take good care of themselves, but know how to party too!

The Argentine Republic is located in southeastern South America, bordering the southern Atlantic Ocean, between Chile and Uruguay. It is the second largest country in Latin America and the largest Spanish-speaking nation. Argentina is part of both the G-15 and G-20, and is Latin America's third-largest economy. The official language here is Spanish and the majority of the population remains Catholic. Argentina is different from other Latin countries, (Chile arguably being an exception), because it is heavily influenced by European culture. The majority of its population is of European decent as well. The country has exceptional geography, (rich woodlands, swamps, majestic mountains, high plateaus, many lakes), and a varied climate that goes along with it.

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