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Austrian Men

If you are thinking about dating an Austrian man you can expect him to be an old-school gentleman with old school Christian values. The family forms the basis of the Austrian social structure. Though they see themselves as modern, liberal, and cultured, Austrians are also quite traditional. They have a great love for the outdoors (i.e., walking, skiing, climbing, etc.), so you will never be bored sitting at home! If you are fed up with partners who just want to go out with the boys for beers or watch football games all weekend long, then an Austrian guy could be a welcome change. Days off are generally devoted to family activities, such as enjoying dinner together and taking strolls in the evening. Austrian men in general love to build, repair, and renovate their houses. So if you are looking for good and stable long term prospects, an Austrian handyman could be a great catch!

Austria is a small Christian country in Central Europe with German as its official language. Its territory includes much of the mountainous territory of the eastern Alps, and the country has many glaciers and snowcapped peaks. A land of great beauty, forests cover about 40% of the country. A moderate climate prevails throughout the four seasons, though the winters can get cold. Summers are pleasantly warm with occasional moderate precipitation.

Browse by City: Vienna, Salzburg, Wien, Linz, Graz, Innsbruck, Afritz am See, Zweinitz, Hallein, Kapfenberg, Klagenfurt, Brunn am Gebirge, Zurndorf, Wels, Villach, Haidershofen.

Single men from Austria seeking for Marriage

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Austrian man - Igor from Wien


Igor 29 y.o.

From Wien, Austria
Austrian man - Willkommen from Hallein


Willkommen 58 y.o.

From Hallein, Austria
Austrian man - Alexander from Haidershofen


Alexander 40 y.o.

From Haidershofen, Austria
Austrian man - Josip from Villach


Josip 42 y.o.

From Villach, Austria
Austrian man - Matthias from Wien


Matthias 48 y.o.

From Wien, Austria
Austrian man - Chaitanya from Graz


Chaitanya 30 y.o.

From Graz, Austria
Austrian man - Dejan from Brunn am Gebirge


Dejan 40 y.o.

From Brunn am Gebirge, Austria
Austrian man - Racz from Feldkirch


Racz 30 y.o.

From Feldkirch, Austria
Austrian man - Alexander from Salzburg


Alexander 33 y.o.

From Salzburg, Austria
Austrian man - Paul from Salzburg


Paul 37 y.o.

From Salzburg, Austria
Austrian man - Hannes from Wels


Hannes 21 y.o.

From Wels, Austria
Austrian man - Klaus from Afritz am See


Klaus 45 y.o.

From Afritz am See, Austria
Austrian man - Furqan from Klagenfurt


Furqan 28 y.o.

From Klagenfurt, Austria
Austrian man - Philipp from Vienna


Philipp 39 y.o.

From Vienna, Austria
Austrian man - Curt from Vienna


Curt 37 y.o.

From Vienna, Austria
Austrian man - Adrian from Innsbruck


Adrian 34 y.o.

From Innsbruck, Austria
Austrian man - Harry from Graz


Harry 41 y.o.

From Graz, Austria
Austrian man - Andrej from Vienna


Andrej 34 y.o.

From Vienna, Austria
Austrian man - Roman from Linz


Roman 36 y.o.

From Linz, Austria
Austrian man - Andreas from Innsbruck


Andreas 51 y.o.

From Innsbruck, Austria
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Results: 1-20 of 44