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If you want to move to a country that still places an emphasis on family values than Ecuador is that place. Families usually are out together strolling, eating out, window shopping or on picnics. It is not a strange sight to behold the entire family holding hands as they walk down the street. The divorce rate is lower here than in many Western countries, and men are respectful and usually treat their women like royalty. They tend to be very affectionate, warm, and a bit flirtatious if truth be told. Ecuadorians value family above much else and have traditional views toward gender issues that are rooted in their culture.

The Republic of Ecuador is a country in northwestern South America with a Pacific Ocean coastline. The magical Galápagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean are also a part of the country. As the name Ecuador might suggest, the country is located on the equator. The official language is Spanish, but native communities use thirteen other languages. The majority of the population is Roman Catholic Latin Rite. Of note is the fact that Ecuador adopted the United States dollar (USD) as its currency a while back. Its land consists of highlands, thick jungles and breathtaking coastal plains. Cotopaxi, the world’s highest active volcano, is located in this country. Ecuador experiences many kinds of weather, as the climate ranges from tropical along coast to cooler and dryer inland.

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Ecuadorian man - Bartley from Cuenca


Bartley 72 y.o.

From Cuenca, Ecuador
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