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Guadeloupe Men

Guadeloupe is a melting pot of cultures. The islands are bound together by the rich ethnic diversity of its African, European, Indian, American and Oriental people and this is what characterizes the folklore, language, music, and beliefs. Men from here are relaxed and live an informal way of life. They are known to be passionate and it is generally accepted that music is an essential part of all their lives.

Guadeloupe is a group of Caribbean islands located in the Lesser Antilles, southeast of Puerto Rico. Sometimes it is known as the Butterfly Island, on account of the shape made by two of its major islands – Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre. It is an overseas region of France and, as such, is a part of the European Union and the Eurozone. The official language is French and the majority of the population is Roman Catholic. Most of the islands are volcanic in origin with interior mountain terrain. Grande-Terre features rolling hills and flat plains. Guadeloupe as a whole enjoys warm, tropical weather.

Single men from Guadeloupe seeking for Marriage

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Guadeloupe man - Jean-Claude from Sainte-Anne


Jean-claude 55 y.o.

From Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe
Results: 1-1 of 1
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