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Guidelines and Rules - Help

Guidelines on username, profile, photos, conduct to help preserve the integrity of our site and our requirements for accepting members.

Q: Are there membership requirements for

Yes. A member must be 18 or older and single, widowed or divorced. If you are legally separated you are not eligible for membership until your divorce is finalized.

Q: Username Guidelines

Your username is how other members identify you. Choose one that reflects something about you, is unique to you, or is just easy to remember.

In creating your username, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • No vulgarity, profanity or otherwise offensive words
  • No more than 4 consecutive digits (e.g., 345695187)
  • No contact information (e.g., telephone number, email address, home address)
  • No advertisements for other Web sites or businesses

If your username does not meet our guidelines, your account and profile may be rejected or deleted from our site.

Q: Photo Guidelines and Rules

Portrait Photo
Your portrait photo is the first one that people see in search results, general lists and on your profile page. This is the only photo visible to people who do not click through to your profile, so choose your best photo for your portrait and follow these tips:

  • Use a digital camera rather than a Webcam or scanner
  • Ask a friend to take your photo instead of using a mirror
  • Post a recent, clear, vertical headshot – full face, no sunglasses, recommended with a smile!
  • The photo should be high quality – not dark, blurry, out of focus or grainy


  1. Photos must be in JPG (JPEG) format.
  2. Minimum photo size is 400x400 pixels.
  3. You must have at least one portrait photo that is a clear, vertical headshot without sunglasses.
  4. Photos that take up less than 50% of the allotted space or are blurry, fuzzy, grainy or dark will not be approved.
  5. Group shots are accepted only if the member has already uploaded at least one photo that clearly shows the member's face.
  6. Photos with only children or celebrities are not permitted.
  7. Photos of cartoons, paintings, artistic renderings and drawings are not permitted.
  8. Pornographic photos, nude photos, and photos of members wearing inappropriate attire or engaged in provocative activities are not permitted.
  9. Photos displaying tattooed body parts where only the body part is visible and not the member's face are not permitted.
  10. Vulgar symbols, gestures and gang symbols or colors are not permitted.
  11. Obviously "photoshopped" photos are not permitted (e.g., your head on a superhero's body).
  12. Photos that contain personal or identifying information (e.g., name, address, phone number) are not permitted.
  13. Photos that contain a copyright notice are not permitted.
Q: Code of Conduct Guidelines and Rules

We are pleased that most of our members conduct themselves with honesty and integrity, but would like to remind members of our general code of conduct:

  • treat members with dignity and respect
  • be truthful in the way you present yourself in your profile and photos
  • do not use for commercial purposes or solicitation
  • do not engage in any form of harassment or abusive behavior
  • do not use racial or ethnic slurs, threats or insults
Q: Profile Guidelines

The “In My Own Words” section of your profile is your opportunity to impress people. Be honest, have fun and stay positive. Here you can act like you’re having a conversation with a potential mate. Be descriptive about your lifestyle and what’s important to you in a relationship. Explain what makes you unique.

The more details and specific examples you write, the easier it is to attract people who are right for you. Go beyond just adjectives like nice, smart, funny, successful and attractive and include examples of what makes you different, interesting and fun to be with. You might like to talk about:

  • Hobbies and interests
  • Family, pets
  • Your hometown
  • Personality, religion
  • Your job and plans for the future

Remember, research indicates that profiles with high quality photos are viewed 10 times more than those without – and result in 4 times more contacts and 6 times more responses! And multiple photos will attract more interest in your profile.

Please do not include your contact information or messages to other members in your profile; doing so violates our Terms of Use.