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My Matches - Help

Managing your preferences for “My Matches,” information about “Reverse Matches,” “Mutual Matches” and other listings and how to initiate contact.

Q: What are “My Matches” and how do they work?

My Matches are members who meet your age criteria. When you click the Matches tab at the top of the page you can choose the lists you would like to view: New Matches, Active Recently, Updated, Online Now, New Photos, Mutual Matches, Reverse Matches and Edit My Match, which allows you to change your age criteria.

Q: What are Reverse Matches?

 Reverse Matches are members who are interested in meeting people of your age.

Q: What are Mutual Matches?

 Mutual Matches are members who fit your match preferences and who are also interested in meeting people of your age.

Q: How can I increase the number of “My Matches?”

 To increase the number of potential matches, you can expand the age criteria in Edit My Match.

Q: How can I change the ages for “My Matches?”

You can change your match results by editing your age criteria in Edit My Match.

Q: How do I initiate communication?

You can “Say Hello” by clicking the icon on the member’s profile. You can also send a message by going to the profile and clicking “Send Message”, typing your message and clicking “Send”.

Q: How can I view the information “My Matches” see when they visit my profile?

To see how you appear to your matches, click Profile & Photos.

Q: How do I change my age preferences for “My Matches?”

To edit your age preferences click Edit My Match on your Matches page, edit and click “Save”.

Q: Can I delete someone from “My Matches?”

Yes, you can remove a member from My Matches by clicking the “x” in the right top corner of the member's photo. This will remove the member from your matches, search results and general lists.