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Dating Lao men can be fun and quite lovely because they have a rich sense of humor, are patient, and are people with big hearts. Due to their culture they usually are shy and are more conservative, but they place a high value on family and friendships. Westerners are accustomed to a wide circle of friends who change over time but, once established, Lao people will maintain friendships forever. Keep in mind that the role of women in Lao society is still very traditional in comparison to Western values.

Laos is a country in Southeast Asia. Its major religion is Buddhism and the official language is Lao. French, still common in government and commerce, is studied by many, while English has become increasingly utilized in recent years as well. Laos traces its history to a powerful Kingdom that existed from the 14th to the 18th century. The country is thickly forested with a landscape that consists mostly of rugged mountains with the rest of the geography comprised of plains and plateaus. The climate in Laos is tropical with a seasonal monsoon during which the weather is hot and humid with plenty of rain.

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