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Libyan Brides

If you are seeking romance with a woman who has evident exotic looks and a gentle personality, a single Libyan lady is right here waiting for you. The majority of the girls of Libya are in good shape with golden tanned skin and large dark eyes that really attract the attention of men.

A woman from Libya is a devoted and loving wife. Taking care of her family is a pleasant responsibility because family is an essential part of any Libyan woman’s life. Outside the home the modern bride from Libya can now pursue education, employment, and a social life. Any man would be grateful to have such an adoring woman by his side.

About Libya

Libya is a country in North Africa bordered by Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Algeria, and Tunisia. The area of Libya is almost 1.8 million km2 (700,000 sq. mi). Its largest city and capital, Tripoli, is home to 1.7 million of the 6.4 million people of Libya. Libyans are primarily a mixture of Arab and Berber ethnicities or a mixture of Arab and Turkish ethnicities. The main language spoken in Libya is Arabic with a Libyan dialect. Additionally, Italian and English are sometimes spoken in the big cities.

Libyan Women

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Libyan bride - Olga from Misurata


Olga 38 y.o.

From Misurata, Libya
Results: 1-1 of 1
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