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Do you crave something that you cannot seem to get where you live? Do you want a woman of a different breed? A Malta mail order bride can be just what you need to cure your loneliness. Maltese brides make great companions and partners. The English speaking country is able to mix your world with something more exotic. You will have many things in common with your Malta mail order bride and she will also be able to teach you some new tricks and offer you some different perspectives on life. Maltese women have a strong feeling of respect for the family unit, which is influenced by their religious beliefs. These women are individuals with big, loving hearts; they are loyal wives and are dedicated to their spouses. Find the perfect Maltese brides by looking today.

About Malta

This Southern European country is south of Sicily, Italy. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, the country does not have any land borders. Residents experience mild and rainy winters, along with dry summers. Malta has a low and rocky terrain. Over 403,000 people reside in the country, and the median age is 39.2 years.

Maltese Women

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Maltese bride - Mary from San Gwann


Mary 37 y.o.

From San Gwann, Malta
Maltese bride - Jiao from Valetta


Jiao 36 y.o.

From Valetta, Malta
Maltese bride - Luisa from Zebbug


Luisa 25 y.o.

From Zebbug, Malta
Results: 1-3 of 3
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Mildred 33 y.o.

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Indonesian bride - Natalia from Kalimantan


Natalia 27 y.o.

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Philippine bride - Jane from Cotabato


Jane 27 y.o.

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Brazilian bride - Isabella from Brasilia


Isabella 23 y.o.

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Venezuelan bride - Valentina from Ciudad Bolivar


Valentina 24 y.o.

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