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From Brentwood, California, United States

41 y.o. man seeking woman 18-40
  • Height: 5'11" / 180 cm
  • Weight: 280 lbs / 127 kg
  • Body type: Stocky
  • Hair: Dark brown, Long length
  • Eyes: Dark Brown
  • Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
  • Zodiac sign: Leo leo

Active today
Last update: May 30, 2024
Member since: January 26, 2024

Username: Rostame_Dastan
Member ID: 1249791
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Active today
Last update: May 30, 2024
Member since: January 26, 2024

Username: Rostame_Dastan
Member ID: 1249791
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About Me

Excellent. I went through brain cancer in 2014-2020 (including remission). I have an excellent life and an amazing career. I am funny as hell, as well.

I am not normal. I am proudly abnormal and enjoy everyday to the fullest. Honestly. I was given a huge variety of chemotherapy. The one I got massive amounts of and had to stay in the hospital for four to five days at a time was Methotrexate. It fucks people up.

For me, it turned me hypomanic...which is awesome. It's like a super power but I sleep about two - three hours a night. My future partner will likely prefer a separate bedroom...which is ideal for me, hah.

I am attorney with a law firm and multiple (currently seven) successful businesses. It's fun.

I have been on the Sufi path since six years of age and I have been meditating since I was eight-years old. I have been compared to a jinn...which I love.

I travel...a lot. I will be going to five countries over the next month...what are you doing? Tashkent or Paris is where I will land and then take various modes of transportation to all the countries.

2024.04.14 - As I get closer to finding my bank card I need to state this: I am, in my heart, poly amorous. I have, until this point in my existence, been a one-person person. However, that is not what the heart wants. I may have no other people in my life...or many...and the thing have all the rights to the many sexual partners as you desire. You even have the ability to love other people...why should I stop you?

A lot of you will not have read this and will treat me like the dickhead that I am...such is the cost of doing business in this economy.

2024.05.23 - Yea, so I have created a few more businesses and used the cash I had to create them...since time is not real I am not putting a time frame as to when I may get to people...but it will be soon...I promise. Also, I want to mention: I do not have any fear of God or the gods or the if you want a "God-fearing person," that is NOT me. I died already. I did not meet God, gods, or the Gods...but I did have experiences...and I went through brain like...yea, worse things may be put on me by the powerful being...but like, ehh, no fear.

About My Match

An awesome person. What were/are your struggles?

2024.03.11 - I have over one-hundred-forty messages waiting for me. I have been putting all my excess cash into my businesses. As a result, I will have my first excess, excess of cash at the end of this month. I will have a paid account by March 21, 2024. I will then reply to everyone...even if you hate me for not responding quick enough. Hah.

2024.03.29 - Looks like my mid-month prediction was off by about one-and-a-half weeks. I'll be responding the first week of April, hopefully. Certainly. I hope you all, honestly, have an excellent time through then, and after then...because I am excellent from now through my next death.

2024.04.12 - Have the cash...don't know where my card is. It will happen soon.

2024.04.15 - Have the card...responses coming this week. 160+ responses coming to an inbox near you.

2024.05.23 - If you fear God(s), and you want me to fear God(s), it's not going to work out between us.

About Myself

  1. English (native), French (intermediate), Japanese (basic), Korean (basic), Persian/Farsi (fluent)
  2. Ph.D./Postdoctoral
  3. Law/Legal/Judiciary
  4. Pagan
  5. Single
  6. I have no kids
  7. Yes
  8. Occasional Smoker
  9. On occasion

Personality and Interests

  1. Adventurous/Wild/Spontaneous, Artistic, Calm, Communicative, Earthy, Easygoing/Flexible/Open-Minded, Eccentric, Elegant, Flamboyant, Flirtatious/Playful, Friendly/Kind, Gentle, High Energy, Humorous/Witty, Intellectual/Smart, Low Maintenance, Optimistic, Outgoing, Practical, Romantic, Romantic, Self Confident, Sensitive/Nurturing/Loving, Sociable, Sophisticated/Worldly, Talkative, Unconventional/Free-Spirited
  2. Aerobics, Badminton/Racquet Sports, Baseball/Softball, Basketball, Biking, Boating/Sailing/Rafting, Bowling, Dancing, Golf, Hiking/Walking, Hockey, Horseback Riding, Hunting/Fishing, Ice Skating, Inline Skating/Roller Skating, Jet/Water Skiing, Jogging/Running, Martial Arts, Rock Climbing, Snorkeling/Scuba Diving, Snow Skiing, Soccer (Football), Surfing/Snowboarding/Skateboarding, Swimming/Diving, Tennis, Volleyball, Weightlifting, Yoga/Meditation
  3. Alumni connections, Business networking, Camping, Coffee and conversation, Cooking, Dining out, Fishing/Hunting, Gardening/Landscaping, Hobbies and crafts, Meetings/Friends, Movies/Videos, Museums and art, Music and concerts, Nightclubs/Dancing, Performing arts, Playing cards, Playing sports, Shopping/Antiques, Theater, Travel/Sightseeing, Video games, Volunteering, Watching sports, Wine tasting
  4. No Preference, American, Barbecue, Cajun/Southern, California-Fusion, Caribbean/Cuban, Chinese/Dim Sum, Deli, Eastern-European, Fast Food/Pizza, French, German, Greek, Indian, Italian, Japanese/Sushi, Jewish/Kosher, Korean, Mediterranean, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Russian, Seafood, Soul Food, South American, Southwestern, Spanish, Thai, Vegan, Vegetarian/Organic
  5. Alternative, Country, Dance/Electronica, Folk, Instrumental, Modern Rock n' Roll, Punk, Rap/Hip Hop, Reggae, Rock, Soul/R&B, World Music/Ethnic
  6. Classics, Comics, Detectives, Fiction, Magazines, Newspapers, Non-Fiction, Novels, Poetry, Trade Journals