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Due to the strong influence of the Catholic Church, Polish men come from a country where traditional values strongly affect life. These men value family, a quiet life, and loyalty above most else; they are honest, easy going, helpful, and friendly. This country now experiences the influence of the modern West, so, though the man is still referred to as head of the family, more and more often it is thought that marriage should rely on partnership and that the man and woman should make decisions together in important issues. They are open-minded, intellectual individuals and make good companions too – they love to passionately discuss various topical issues and to debate artfully. Due to Catholic influence, marriage and kids in Poland are greatly valued so you should date a Polish guy if you are ready to settle down and create a family of your own.

Poland is a Parliamentary republic located in north-central Europe. It is rich in art, history, architecture, and natural beauty. Most of the country consists of a vast plain with the Carpathian Mountains in the south. It has a number of rivers and lakes, but the most beautiful spot is the long Baltic Sea coastline. Almost 100% of population is Catholic. Even though the country is a member of European Union, it does not belong to the Euro zone and still has its own currency, known as the Zloty.

Single men from Poland seeking for Marriage

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Polish man - Calo from ohio


Calo 19 y.o.

From ohio, Poland
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