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Slovenian Brides

Do you like women that are both beautiful and graceful? Do you want a Slovenia mail order bride who is both athletic and feminine? Slovenian brides are known for their grace, beauty, and powerful personalities. They come from a country that loves to compete athletically, and the Slovenian brides that we have at Rose Brides are in great shape. If you want a Slovenian bride that you can show off, you will find her with us. A beautiful facade is not the only thing that Slovenian women have to offer. Brides from Slovenia will definitely have a strong sense of family and keep the traditional values in which marriage, religion, and loved ones are most important to them. You can have one of our Slovenian brides who will always take care of herself and look good for you.

About Slovenia

Located in Central Europe, Slovenia is bordered by the eastern Alps and the Adriatic Sea. The country is situated between Austria and Croatia. Slovenia also shares a border with Hungary and Italy. Over two million people reside in Slovenia, with a median age of 41.4 years old. The ethnic groups that are represented in the population are Slovene, Serb, Croat, and Bosnian. Currently, the population is experiencing a very slight decline.

Slovenian Women

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Slovenian bride - Ivona from Maribor


Ivona 26 y.o.

From Maribor, Slovenia
Slovenian bride - Zarjana from Ljubljana


Zarjana 37 y.o.

From Ljubljana, Slovenia
Slovenian bride - Olga from Koper


Olga 59 y.o.

From Koper, Slovenia
Results: 1-3 of 3
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Ellen 23 y.o.

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Miriam 29 y.o.

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Brazilian bride - Dielle from Curitiba


Dielle 30 y.o.

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Brazilian bride - Catia from Angra dos Reis


Catia 28 y.o.

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Colombian bride - Mar from Bogota


Mar 29 y.o.

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