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Uruguayan Brides

The Uruguayan woman loves and respects her man, and she will do anything she can for him. She is a loyal and commited wife, and always tries to be of support to her family. Though devoted to the home, Uruguayan women often successfully participate in professional fields as well. In a country where they have easy access to educational opportunities and equal rights, these women tend to be bright and sophisticated.

Of course their appearance attracts a man’s attention at first. Women in Uruguay mostly have European looks with golden tanned skin. They can be blond or brunette but usually have brown eyes. Generally, Uruguayan women take good care of themselves although they dress conservatively and rarely wear bright colors.

In Uruguayan culture, a man and woman are expected to treat each other with mutual respect so this is what they insist upon in a relationship. Beautiful women from Uruguay are generally open, kind, and independent. They have the qualities that make them great lifelong partners.

About Uruguay

Uruguay, officially the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, is a country in the southeastern region of South America. It is bordered by Argentina and Brazil. Uruguay covers an area of approximately 176,000 km2 (68,000 sq. mi) and is home to more than 3 million people. More than half of the population lives in the metropolitan area of its capital and largest city, Montevideo. It frequently ranks as one of the most developed and prosperous countries in Latin America. Spanish is the official language of Uruguay. Approximately 60 percent of the population is nominally Catholic and more than one-third of the people profess no religion.

Uruguayan Women

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Uruguayan bride - Ines from Maldonado


Ines 32 y.o.

From Maldonado, Uruguay
Uruguayan bride - Caterina from Punta del Este


Caterina 25 y.o.

From Punta del Este, Uruguay
Uruguayan bride - Gimena from Montevideo


Gimena 37 y.o.

From Montevideo, Uruguay
Uruguayan bride - Lucia from Montevideo


Lucia 26 y.o.

From Montevideo, Uruguay
Uruguayan bride - Natalia from Montevideo


Natalia 37 y.o.

From Montevideo, Uruguay
Uruguayan bride - Camila from Montevideo


Camila 26 y.o.

From Montevideo, Uruguay
Uruguayan bride - Lucia from Colonia


Lucia 28 y.o.

From Colonia, Uruguay
Results: 1-7 of 7
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Galina 24 y.o.

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