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Bulgarian Brides

Do you love luxurious, dark hair and the idea of getting lost in someone’s deeply mesmerizing eyes? You can have all that and more when you are gifted by one of our Bulgarian brides. A Bulgarian woman is not only beautiful, but she offers something that women from most other western countries cannot. Bulgarian Women are known for their feminine charm and it involves not only wearing sexy outfits and taking care of themselves physically (though it helps). They have alluring and warm personalities as well as being very loyal to their men. A Bulgarian lady will put forth her best efforts to make her partner happy and satisfied. You can find the very best in Bulgarian brides when you visit Rose Brides. You will have your choice of a wide variety of pretty Bulgarian women and you will be able to find the girl of your dreams. Never before has it been so easy to find a Bulgarian woman as right now. You can discover your soul mate by perusing the interests of the Bulgarian brides and browsing through their pictures. Once you see her, you can choose a woman that you have previously only dreamed of having. Make love your new reality!

About Bulgaria

Bulgaria is located between Romania and Turkey. The country is in Southeastern Europe and borders the Black Sea. The temperate climate has cold winters and hot, dry summers. Over seven million people live in the country, which is experiencing a slight decline in population. Bulgarians make up almost 84% of the population. Turks make up a little over 9% of the population. Most of Bulgaria is mountainous. The capital of Bulgaria is Sofia.

Bulgarian Brides by City

Sofia, Plovdiv.

Bulgarian Women

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Bulgarian bride - Violina from Pleven


Violina 50 y.o.

From Pleven, Bulgaria
Bulgarian bride - Elizabeth from Sofia


Elizabeth 32 y.o.

From Sofia, Bulgaria
Bulgarian bride - Asya from Sofia


Asya 28 y.o.

From Sofia, Bulgaria
Bulgarian bride - Deniz from Sofia


Deniz 22 y.o.

From Sofia, Bulgaria
Bulgarian bride - Sophy from Sofia


Sophy 45 y.o.

From Sofia, Bulgaria
Bulgarian bride - Maya from Varna


Maya 53 y.o.

From Varna, Bulgaria
Bulgarian bride - Olga from Burgas


Olga 61 y.o.

From Burgas, Bulgaria
Bulgarian bride - Mariela from Russe


Mariela 57 y.o.

From Russe, Bulgaria
Bulgarian bride - Mihaela from Stara Zagora


Mihaela 43 y.o.

From Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Bulgarian bride - Maria from Sofia


Maria 35 y.o.

From Sofia, Bulgaria
Bulgarian bride - Irina from Sofia


Irina 38 y.o.

From Sofia, Bulgaria
Bulgarian bride - Kristina from Veliko Turnovo


Kristina 53 y.o.

From Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria
Bulgarian bride - Teodora from Sofia


Teodora 21 y.o.

From Sofia, Bulgaria
Bulgarian bride - Aneliya from Razgrad


Aneliya 31 y.o.

From Razgrad, Bulgaria
Bulgarian bride - Petya from Burgas


Petya 46 y.o.

From Burgas, Bulgaria
Results: 1-15 of 15