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Italian Men

Italians are stereotypically viewed as being a hot-blooded, intense Mediterranean people with a close-knit family structure and a passion for food and wine. Many Italians are, in fact, disturbingly handsome and even if you manage to find one who isn't, he will compensate for it with his charm, sensitivity, romantic nature, and good taste in fashion. Family and financial security are the highest valued attributes of Italians; these men love strong family ties and they honor all family obligations. Italian men are known for their love of their mothers, so, while an average modern Westerner sometimes hardly even talks to his family, it can be sweet and touching to see someone so devoted to his mother. These men are romantic, extremely expressive when it comes to emotions, and you should be prepared for a lot of touching and kissing!

Italy is located in southern Europe and is a boot-shaped peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea. It has a number of islands including Sicily and Sardinia. Surrounded by seas, Italy possesses a distinct beauty of its own and also a rich cultural history that makes it so loved by tourists. Much of the country is covered by mountains - Alps and Apennine, with lots of lakes and rivers. The climate in the far north is cold; the south is hot and dry. The main religion here is Roman Catholicism.

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Milano, Cosenza, Bologna, Torino, Rome, Turin, Palermo, Venice, Piacenza, Brescia, Foggia, Taranto, Pordenone, Fermo, Firenze, Roma.

Single men from Italy seeking for Marriage

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Italian man - Gabriel from Torino


Gabriel 29 y.o.

From Torino, Italy
Italian man - Hugo from Tarquinia


Hugo 54 y.o.

From Tarquinia, Italy
Italian man - Andrea from Lodi


Andrea 27 y.o.

From Lodi, Italy
Italian man - Raffaele from Foggia


Raffaele 46 y.o.

From Foggia, Italy
Italian man - Steven from Milano


Steven 38 y.o.

From Milano, Italy
Italian man - Federico from Orbassano


Federico 42 y.o.

From Orbassano, Italy
Italian man - Mario from Cosenza


Mario 58 y.o.

From Cosenza, Italy
Italian man - Walter from Cosenza


Walter 69 y.o.

From Cosenza, Italy
Italian man - Piero from Reano


Piero 66 y.o.

From Reano, Italy
Italian man - Moris from Torino


Moris 34 y.o.

From Torino, Italy
Italian man - Alfredo from Bologna


Alfredo 55 y.o.

From Bologna, Italy
Italian man - Giuseppe from Milano


Giuseppe 48 y.o.

From Milano, Italy
Italian man - Luigi from Brescia


Luigi 39 y.o.

From Brescia, Italy
Italian man - Bep from Milano


Bep 53 y.o.

From Milano, Italy
Italian man - Eddie from Sanremo


Eddie 56 y.o.

From Sanremo, Italy
Italian man - Loris from Fermo


Loris 50 y.o.

From Fermo, Italy
Italian man - Tim from Pordenone


Tim 36 y.o.

From Pordenone, Italy
Italian man - Alberto from Reggio Emilia


Alberto 28 y.o.

From Reggio Emilia, Italy
Italian man - Sergio from Turin


Sergio 46 y.o.

From Turin, Italy
Italian man - Stefano from Milano


Stefano 52 y.o.

From Milano, Italy
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Results: 1-20 of 38