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Venezuelan Brides

Venezuelan women are generally extroverted and quite gregarious by nature. They grew up with music and have rhythm in their blood. Dancing is a big part of most social activities in Venezuela. The Venezuelan girl has an individual charm, which is inherited from her Spanish, Indian, and African roots.

For Venezuelan women being beautiful is not only desirable, it also carries with it a sense of duty or responsibility in their minds. They dress for daily life in a manner that women in other countries might do for a big party. Women in Venezuela have developed a great sense of fashion and work hard at looking great and impressing men.

The ambitious and strong Venezuelan lady will use her best efforts to make her partner happy and pleased. She would be an ideal pick for the man who wants an independent, bright, attractive, yet faithful woman.

About Venezuela

Venezuela, officially called the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is a country on the northern coast of South America. Venezuela borders Colombia, Guyana, and Brazil. Its capital city is Caracas. Venezuela's territory covers around 916,445 km2 (353,841 sq. mi) with an estimated population of approximately 29 million. Spanish is the most widely spoken language in Venezuela. Around 92% of the population professes to be Catholic.

Venezuelan Brides by City

Caracas, Valencia, Maracaibo, Bolivar, Maracay, Maturin, Barquisimeto Lara, Cabimas, Barquisimeto, Ciudad Bolivar, Merida, Guayana, Barinas, Carabobo, Puerto Ordaz, Barcelona, Puerto la Cruz, Ciudad Guayana, San Cristobal, Anzoategui, Coro, Punto Fijo, Aragua, Miranda, Puerto Cabello, Cumana, El Tigre, San Felipe, Los Teques, Valera, San Fernando de Apure, La Victoria, Cojedes, Acarigua, Anaco, Monagas, Ciudad Ojeda, Ojeda, Guarenas, Trujillo, Tachira, Porlamar, Isla de Margarita, Sucre, San Juan de Los Morros, Cabudare, Lara, San Carlos, Lecheria, La Guaira, Guarico, El Vigia, Valle De La Pascua, Charallave, Araure, Pampatar, San Antonio Del Tachira, Margarita, San Antonio de Los Altos, Vargas, Tigre, Apure.

Venezuelan Women

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Venezuelan bride - Andreina from Tachira


Andreina 30 y.o.

From Tachira, Venezuela
Venezuelan bride - Betania from Ciudad Guayana


Betania 22 y.o.

From Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela
Venezuelan bride - Migleidys from Ciudad Bolivar


Migleidys 23 y.o.

From Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela
Venezuelan bride - Alejandra from Caracas


Alejandra 30 y.o.

From Caracas, Venezuela
Venezuelan bride - Adriana from Caracas


Adriana 27 y.o.

From Caracas, Venezuela
Venezuelan bride - Nathalia from Puerto Ayacucho


Nathalia 26 y.o.

From Puerto Ayacucho, Venezuela
Venezuelan bride - Jetsa from Bolivar


Jetsa 34 y.o.

From Bolivar, Venezuela
Venezuelan bride - Valentina from San Felix


Valentina 24 y.o.

From San Felix, Venezuela
Venezuelan bride - Luisa from Ciudad Bolivar


Luisa 27 y.o.

From Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela
Venezuelan bride - Angeles from Bolivar


Angeles 34 y.o.

From Bolivar, Venezuela
Venezuelan bride - Bermudez from Cabimas


Bermudez 35 y.o.

From Cabimas, Venezuela
Venezuelan bride - Johana from Bolivar


Johana 21 y.o.

From Bolivar, Venezuela
Venezuelan bride - Amanda from Maracaibo


Amanda 36 y.o.

From Maracaibo, Venezuela
Venezuelan bride - Lucylle from Trujillo


Lucylle 37 y.o.

From Trujillo, Venezuela
Venezuelan bride - Jazmin from Anzoategui


Jazmin 26 y.o.

From Anzoategui, Venezuela
Venezuelan bride - Yolimar from Guarico


Yolimar 29 y.o.

From Guarico, Venezuela
Venezuelan bride - Patricia from Bolivar


Patricia 29 y.o.

From Bolivar, Venezuela
Venezuelan bride - Angeles from Ciudad Bolivar


Angeles 22 y.o.

From Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela
Venezuelan bride - Katiuska from Guayana


Katiuska 27 y.o.

From Guayana, Venezuela
Venezuelan bride - Suilibeth from Caracas


Suilibeth 32 y.o.

From Caracas, Venezuela
Page 1 of 70 |
Results: 1-20 of 1381